SADCASE Helpful Motoring Tips

A quick all year round monthly (or more) reminder to keep your classic vehicle running as it should.

Oil: Check the oil levels and look for signs of leaks. Pipes can develop leaks, even when not in use, as they expand and contract with changes in ambient temperature.

Fuel: Inspect the fuel lines for the same reason, and check whether your classic can run on E10 petrol. Remember that SADCASE has encouraged the Power fuel station to stock E0 fuel in Mill Road Storrington. This is identified as E5 fuel to account for any possible cross contamination.

Coolant:Check the coolant level and look for signs of leaks or corrosion within the system. Having done this, start the engine and let it get up to temperature, checking again for leaks in the system. It is better to discover these on the driveway than on the road.

Brakes: Check brake pedal feel, as well as the condition and level of the brake fluid. Get under the car and check the brake lines for cracks or leaks.Check that the handbrake releases correctly by listening for any binding or dragging noises when you slowly drive backwards and forwards. Similarly, check that the handbrake engages properly and keeps the car secure after the handbrake is applied.

Battery: Check the charge level of the battery and top it up if required. A mains ‘trickle’ charger is a wise investment in this respect as it will keep the battery healthy even in the summer months.
Lights. Check all exterior lights for correct operation.

Windscreen: Check the level of windscreen washer fluid, the operation of the wipers (front and rear) and the condition of the blades. Windscreen wiper rubbers can dry out and split in storage, especially in well-insulated, warm and dry garages.

Wheels: Inspect the condition of the tyres by checking the tread depth, looking for cracks in the sidewalls and correcting the pressures. Also check that the wheel nuts are still correctly torqued.
Hitchhikers. Check for rodent damage as our furry friends can be a real problem Use a torch to check for chewed cables and wires, and for signs of nesting in the engine bay and wheel arches.

Also.....your car's garage may not be as secure as you think! These issues can interfere with safe operation and even present a fire risk. Take particular care to check inside the intake system as rodents seem to like the texture of the air filter element when building a home!

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