Recent events

28th October plus 16th-17th November Goodwood Track Days

Track days

Saturday October 28th was forecast as a rainy day yet the Storrington car park still attracted a good number of cars and members. We all set off promptly at 9.00am and arrived at the circuit to find that we had been given our own enclosure. Paddock 3 was reserved for SADCASE members. Thank you Goodwood for the continued invitations and for own paddock. No entry fee at such an iconic venue. Many cars were able to use the covered spaces last used by cars appearing at the Goodwood revival. There were many good spectator viewing areas to watch the cars taking to the track. Many of these on the Goodwood tarmac were normal road cars having been driven to the circuit that morning.

The November Charity events were organised by the Goodwood Marshals. SADCASE members may be aware that a number of fellow members are also track marshals at this iconic motor racing track ensuring that the races are as safe as possible to both the drivers and spectators.Others were race prepared especially for the day including a wonderful American muscle car that was very fast in a straight line and very sidewards in the corners The Thursday sessions were badly affected by rain giving member Graham Kerr a scare before badly damaging his Porsche 911. The weather was better on Friday. Some Members had breakfast at the outside famous Naafi Wagon whist more were found at the Aerodrome cafe. John Brandhuber was found in his Lotus Elise on this second day amongst other SADCASE entrants. A good day to round off the SADCASE invitational events for 2023. Watch out for next year.

30th September- MG100 Beaulieu

The MG100 event at Beaulieu celebrated 100 years of MG! It's always wonderful to see enthusiasts come together to celebrate the rich history of a car brand like MG. The event was organized by the MG Owners Club and a SADCASE invitational day, which encouraged many MG Sadcase members to attend.

The £16 entry fee was thought good value. It included access to various attractions, including the Top Gear presentation, the Motor Museum, the Monorail, and the historic house.

Dealing with the conker tree dropping presents on our cars was an unexpected and amusing challenge! To be safe, we needed to move out of range!

All ages of MG cars were present at this MG100 show from pre war J-Types and Midgets through the massed ranks of TC, TD and TF Midgets to MGAs, MGBs, MGCs, and Magnettes and modern classics such as the MGF and the fabulous MGR V8. It's incredible to see how the MG brand has evolved over the years while maintaining its unique charm.

Looking forward to the next centennial event in 2123 !

13th August 2023-Cranleigh Classic Car Show

Many SADCASE members arrived early at the annual Cranleigh Show, possibly taking into account the lessons from previous years or following the guidance provided in our monthly newsletters. Access before 8.30 am was quite smooth, but there could be some waiting during peak entry times. Initially, we were designated to be situated in Zone "D," similar to last year near the covered barn. However, for reasons unknown, we were instead allocated a prime spot in Zone "A." This might be attributed to the substantial turnout of SADCASE members being one of the larger groups. Initially, we arranged our vehicles in a straight line as per Cranleigh's instructions. However, we had to rearrange the parked cars moving them all forward by a car's length to make space for the Sunbeam Tiger club. We are a considerate group of people!

As our members continued to arrive, it posed a challenge in finding parking spots. Eventually, we managed to organize around 50 cars, or possibly more, into three separate lines. Once completed we were then able to explore the many food and drink stalls for breakfast located to the south of the field. Throughout the morning and early afternoon, classic cars from all types and eras continued to trickle in. Most of these were then directed to park in Zone "Z," which was reserved for individual entries not affiliated with a car club. To secure a larger area next year with the organisers to accomodate all SADCASE members , we would ask that if possible your entry is submitted by June 30th registering as a SADCASE member.

The event offered a multitude of attractions at the arena, including an auction and diverse car-related demonstrations that held the attention of audience. The breaks between the arena events allowed many to visit the large number of motor related stalls. There were a number of well stocked motor car related stalls with many bargains especially if you had the right car. The raffle was particularly impressive. The top prize was a pair of Goodwood Revival tickets. However, the announcement of the winners took place at 4:00 pm, by which time a substantial queue of vehicles had formed as usual leading to wait times of up to an hour to exit the venue. Opting to leave just before 4:30 pm, we experienced a significantly improved exit time of around 10 to 15 minutes.

As usual, the show, thought by many to be the largest classic car show in the south was a resounding success, allowing a good sum of money to be donated to charities and affording SADCASE members the opportunity to mingle with other groups, enjoy live music from an excellent rock band, discover excellent dining and beverage options, relax in the field, and, of course, witness a good number of interesting events at the arena. A good entry for your 2024 Diary. See you there.

12th August 2023- Goodwood Drive Out Event

We had around 60 cars gathered at the Storrington Car Park, all set for our drive to Goodwood at 9:00 am. The atmosphere was lively, and everyone was enthusiastic about getting started. During the briefing, we were informed that due to ongoing preparations for the Revival event in September, the Goodwood circuit requested us to park in one of the paddocks on the inside of the circuit. To accommodate this change, we decided to shift our cafe venue to the aerodrome facility, conveniently located just a short walk from the paddock.

Although our convoys followed different routes, we managed to arrive at the destination simultaneously. Upon parking, a significant number of us enjoyed breakfast at the cafe, which was abuzz with activity as helicopters and vintage planes took off and landed in quick succession. Many found the two-seat Spitfire option appealing, offering a once in a lifetime 20-minute rides although the fee of £3000 may have put off a few!

The GRRC track day provided an exciting opportunity for enthusiastic drivers to take their cars for a spin around the track. The rain eventually made an appearance, making the track experience even more challenging and spectacular for the spectators who braved the conditions. Looking ahead, perhaps we can organize a SADCASE session for next year. Contrary to common belief, the financial aspect may not be as inhibiting with the right number of participants. Notably, several established SADCASE members already partake in such events. Stay tuned for more updates!

23rd July 2023- Annual SADCASE Storrington Show

Another year has passed, and once again, we had an incredibly successful show. The weather posed a threat, with strong winds and rain forecasted leading up to the event. However, this year, the Met Office's forecast turned out to be accurate, which gave us the confidence to proceed with the show instead of opting for the safer option of cancellation. We, the SADCASE members, proved to be a hardy bunch indeed!

The previous week had seen the cancellation of the Saturday's Festival of Speed and the West Chiltington show due to the weather. Nevertheless, our show went on as planned. The field was opened for business just before 7.00 am, allowing traders and our dedicated SADCASE volunteers to enter and set up everything for the day. Special thanks go to the Bearded Hero for providing his diesel generator free of charge.

The show cars started arriving in large numbers just before 8.30 am and continued until 10.30 am. We experienced a last-minute surge in ticket sales, resulting in more cars being booked this year compared to twelve months ago. However, around 25 members decided not to risk the potential rain. Despite the slight drizzle around 9.30 am, the sun managed to peek out from behind the clouds, providing us with near-perfect conditions throughout the day.

The event showcased an impressive array of vehicles from various eras, including many interesting motorbikes. Participants were enthusiastic about sharing details of their beloved vehicles with fellow enthusiasts. There were two prizes awarded: one for the SADCASE Car/Bike of the Show, selected by the Gearbox committee and organizers, and another for the Members' Favorite. In the end, three members' vehicles were chosen for the SADCASE award, with Robert Elliott's fully restored 1933 Singer Nine and David Croxson's 1969 Jaguar 2+2 Fixed Head Coupe jointly winning the accolade. The winner of the Members' Award was Timothy Stables, the proud owner of the beautiful 1966 Alvis TF 21.

The sun finally emerged from behind the clouds at 3.00 pm, adding a touch of warmth and brightness to the event's conclusion. Everyone, including members, traders, and stall holders, expressed their delight with the show, which left us with the challenge of making next year's event even better!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the SADCASE volunteers who played a crucial role in setting up the show, maintaining a cheerful atmosphere throughout the day, and then efficiently packing everything away. Without their invaluable support, the show wouldn't have been the resounding success that it was.

24th June 2023-Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit-Club Visit

Approximately twenty-five cars, each with their occupants, arrived at the Storrington Library car park as planned, before 9:00 am. We were expecting another ten or more cars to join us at the circuit. Our convoy, led by Chris Mason in his MX5, set off promptly, following a picturesque route that avoided fast roads and traffic.

Upon reaching the circuit, we parked our cars as arranged near the Start/Finish straight Cafe. Many SADCASE members gathered there and enjoyed a delicious breakfast, with bacon rolls being a particular favorite. The location allowed us to relax while watching the GRRC cars zoom around the track, which included a thrilling mix of expensive Ferraris, Aston Martins, Jaguars, and more. Interestingly, there was also a standard Morris 1000 Minor that seemed to be lapped quite frequently by the others.

The paddock proved to be a fascinating place with a diverse array of cars and approachable drivers. We spent time interacting with them, adding to the overall enjoyment of the day. Some of us had to leave before lunch, but many SADCASE members made the most of the day, cherishing every moment.

We express our gratitude to Goodwood for extending the invitation to such a world-famous motor racing venue. Being in close proximity to this renowned location was a fantastic experience. We look forward to returning soon!

14th June 2023-The Fountain- SADCASE Evening Meeting

We knew this evening's meeting would draw a large crowd. A mailshot reminder sent on Tuesday had a tremendous impact, resulting in the biggest turnout ever seen at this venue. Eager members started arriving at 5:15, and the cars continued to pour in until the car park was filled to capacity! Many SADCASE members had to find alternative parking on the main road. The pub gardens also had a good number of members dining, but most preferred to spend two or three delightful hours in the pleasant company of others in the car park, savoring a glass of beer or wine while discussing their cars and contemplating future vehicle purchases. Notably, the event featured an unusually diverse range of cars on display, including Hot Rods, Executive saloons, Sports cars, 80s hot hatches, and a breathtaking one-off highly chromed motorcycle, proudly brought along by Graham Kerr. SADCASE's commitment to embracing diversity remains a key factor in the continued success of the community.

11th June 2023-Thakeham Fun Day-Thakeham Playing Fields-SADCASE invitational event

SADCASE members were invited to participate in the village fun day as a major attraction to support the local primary school. Our cars have become quite popular in the area, generating much excitement. A late mailshot encouraged a few extra members to contact Chris Mason, the event organizer, who warmly welcomed everyone to join. The diverse collection of our cars captivated the children, parents, and residents of Thakeham, sparking great interest in preserving this essential part of motoring history. While we consistently emphasize that our members are the heart of the club, it's undeniable that our cars strike a deep chord with the local population.

Throughout the day, a talented live band played soothing music, enhancing the atmosphere. Numerous intriguing stalls also saw good business. The model slot car track saw active usage as children and parents proudly showcased their skills. In the scorching heat, the beer tent proved to be a bustling hub. Many SADCASE members engaged in conversations with each other and with visitors who showed genuine interest in our vehicles. Overall, it was a fantastic day filled with camaraderie and enthusiasm.

24th May 2023 Monthly Meeting Amberley Museum-Record Turnout!

We anticipated a good number of cars when temperatures seemed higher than usual for a late May evening. Members started to arrive just before 5.30 pm and quickly filled the main exhibit parking places. The diesel train was in operation for the evening, giving everyone a well-received additional attraction to our wonderful selection of vehicles. Raffle prize donations were much appreciated, giving an extra boost to our major form of income. £230 was collected on the day, putting a happy smile on our treasurer's face, as we had emptied our bank account in 2022, giving £6,000 to local charities. There are many expenses to meet this year, including medical cover and mobile toilets for this year's Storrington show.

The Gearbox committee spent a few minutes giving important information to members, including a new proposed Drive-out visit to the Goodwood Racing Circuit on Saturday, June 24th, when GRRC and some SADCASE members will be racing around the track. The raffle, of course, took longer than usual, as there were so many prizes. Many members won more than once. Bottles of wine, books, workshop manuals, motoring magazines, an alternator, horns, and other assorted car-related items all found new homes this evening!

Some members then started to leave at 8.00 pm, no doubt eager to watch Brighton Football Club take on Manchester City, who had just become Premier League champions again. Amberley Museum thanked us for supporting them and will look to reduce the queue for food and drink next month. We look forward to seeing you again at this unique location in June. 


After the successful Jubilee show held last year in honor of HRH Queen Elizabeth, we staged a similar event this time to honor King Charles. The event was a resounding success, with all tickets sold out a few days before the event. We issued 180 tickets to our members, and while most attended, a few decided to stay at home, while a handful of others used their normal everyday cars for the event. Despite the constant threat of rain showers, we were thrilled to see a great turnout of SADCASE members.

The day began with members arriving just after 8:00 am, and from 8:30 am onwards, there was a steady stream of participants joining the event. Upon arrival, each member received a unique rally plate and an entry form to showcase their car as the CAR OF THE SHOW. We were impressed with the high-quality entries, and many of the cars could easily grace any car show. However, the ultimate winner was a well-maintained Black Ford Granada, which held historical significance as it was once used by the Queen on the private roads at Balmoral. Interestingly, the car is now owned by the chauffeur of Princess Margaret. The ecstatic winner graciously accepted his cup, and the moment was met with resounding applause from the many SADCASE members eagerly waiting to see if their cars had won. For those who didn't win this time, there's always a chance next time!

During the event, Robert Carter expressed his gratitude to the members for attending and also reminded them about the new website domain name: We were thrilled to receive numerous positive comments from our members, and they are already looking forward to our main Storrington event in July. Luckily, the rain held off for the most part, with only a few drops falling at 10:30 am. We are optimistic that the sun will shine brightly during our July event, and we genuinely hope to see all of you there!

If you have any questions or need further information, don't hesitate to contact us through our website or social media channels. Thank you again for being part of the SADCASE community and for making this event a memorable one!


It is a SADCASE tradition that members meet in larger numbers after six months of staying at home. April can be warm, but sometimes it surprises us with a wet day. This year, one of those wet days happened to be on National Drive-IT day. Despite the torrential rain, we had a record number of entrants, with 53 eager contestants signed up. Unfortunately, the weather discouraged a few participants, resulting in some no-shows, but we still had over 40 cars starting the course. Not bad for a rainy day!

A special thanks goes to Graham Kerr for organizing a fantastic day, complete with additional prizes for noting village and public house names on the way to the finish at the Scarlet Arms, just a short drive from Cranleigh in Surrey. Congratulations to Paul and Denise Russell in their TR4, who achieved a perfect score of 100% and won a token bottle of wine as their prize. Your wine is ready for collection!


SADCASE members gathered at the Storrington library car park just after 8:00 am, preparing to embark on a convoy to Lancing Beach Green. Upon arrival, we organized our cars in a prime location and were delighted to find a variety of stalls offering useful motoring items for sale. The event was a huge success and completely sold out, featuring an impressive array of vehicles ranging from Classics to Modern cars, Modified to American Muscles, and Imports to Exports, along with a diverse selection of Motorcycles.

The atmosphere provided an excellent opportunity for casual conversations with fellow SADCASE members, exchanging views on potential ideas to promote for the following year. The pleasant weather added to the enjoyment of the day for all who attended, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience. 


The ever-popular SADCASE Pagham Breakfast Meeting made its second appearance this year, drawing in yet another excellent turnout on a sunny autumn day. Special thanks go out to Maria and her staff at the cafe for organizing another fantastic event. SADCASE members relished a delicious and hearty breakfast before gathering in the car park.

The option of a drive-out from the Storrington library car park proved to be enticing for many attendees, even with the early start time just before 8:00 am. The 30-minute drive under pleasant, bright sunshine motivated numerous members to participate one last time in 2022! We thoroughly enjoy meeting fellow members and admiring the diverse selection of cars that grace each gathering. Looking forward to the next meeting scheduled for April 2023.


Our organizing committee dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort to plan and execute this year's events at the Amberley Museum and the Storrington Recreational Ground, aiming to provide you with the best possible experience. Without a doubt, the Storrington Show on Sunday, July 3rd, was the highlight of the year and received widespread recognition as our main event.

Preparations for the show began early on Saturday, with the major work undertaken from 6.30 am. The committee and volunteers collaborated wholeheartedly to create a professional and enjoyable show for all our members. Throughout the day, members of the organizing committee were actively engaging with our happy members, discussing various topics and capturing pictures of the impressive array of cars and motorcycles on display. The diversity of vehicle types, makes, and models from different eras and regions of the UK and abroad made the event even more special, and the overall consensus was that this show was the best so far - an achievement we are incredibly proud of.

As an organizing committee, we are committed to continuous improvement and learning, and we eagerly anticipate an even better show next year! We were delighted to receive numerous phone calls and emails expressing support and appreciation after the event - your encouragement means a lot to us and reflects the close-knit and supportive community we have.

The weather couldn't have been better, with the sun shining for most of the day and temperatures hovering around a pleasant 20+ degrees Celsius. Many attendees brought picnics, while others enjoyed the offerings from our catering stalls, which provided a variety of options, including Tea, Coffee, Crepes, Burgers, Wine, Beer, and, of course, ice cream. To minimize queues, we will have more catering options available next year, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone.

Throughout the day, our resident DJ set the perfect atmosphere with background music, and as the afternoon progressed, the volume was turned up, inspiring many to showcase their dancing skills! The traditional auto jumble stalls returned this year and proved to be a big hit with enthusiasts. A wide selection of original advertising literature for classic vehicles, as well as various spare parts and unique items, found new homes on the day.

We were awestruck by the photos taken by our members, capturing the essence of the day in stunning detail, including aerial shots from drones, providing a unique perspective of the event. Many of these photos can be found on the SADCASE Facebook pages, showcasing the event's excitement and joy.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our hardworking marshals, who went above and beyond their duties to ensure the day's success for all attendees. We extend special appreciation to Shaun and Clive, our resident Goodwood marshals, who expertly managed the traffic flow throughout the day. Their invaluable contributions were worth their weight in gold, and we express our deep gratitude to all marshals for their dedication and effort.

In conclusion, we want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved - our organizing committee, volunteers, members, attendees, and sponsors - without whom this remarkable event would not have been possible. Your enthusiasm and support have made this year's show an unforgettable success, and we are already eagerly looking forward to welcoming you back next year for an even more extraordinary experience.



The sun was shining brightly when SADCASE members first started to arrive and enter the show. Many were there promptly at 8:30 am, quickly filling up the museum with cars from all eras. The marshals worked hard to keep everyone moving and prevent a backlog on the Amberley road. Members were reminded that everything was open, including the steam train and the vintage bus that seemed to be full for every one of the many trips on the railway line and around the 30 acres with 36 exhibits open. It was a SADCASE members show for the whole family.

The SADCASE marquee was quickly set up and remained busy throughout the day, handing out the special Jubilee rally plates, new membership cards, and flyers for our Storrington show on 3rd July. Special thanks to Jessica, Terri, and their helpers for manning the desks throughout the day, with little time for lunch but plenty of beer and wine! The Limeburners cafe was popular, serving meals and large numbers of Hepworths beer bottles, keeping everyone in good spirits. Many members had picnics and often sat in large groups. All types and years of cars were to be seen, with owners willing to share details with interested parties. We SADCASES are a happy group.

A large number of photos were taken on the day, including those shown here, but there are many more images recorded more professionally by the official Amberley Museum photographer, Peter Edgeler. If you would like to see more pictures, please do get in contact with Peter. He can be reached by email at

It was so nice to enjoy each other's company in June's good weather, which continued until just before 3:00 pm when the first few spots of rain arrived. This is England, after all! Every exhibit remained open, encouraging the event to continue until closing time. Thank you, Amberley Museum, and all of you for attending, and congratulations to our Queen!


Our first Drive it Day in a couple of years was a huge success, with all 45 available slots for cars quickly filled up. Entrants arrived early, as requested, at the Storrington Library car park, where they were greeted by bright sunshine for registration and route details. The first cars set off at 10:00 AM, embarking on an exciting journey to explore interesting places in Sussex and lower Surrey, before culminating at the Q Leisure Go Kart Centre in Albourne, just a few miles north of Brighton. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Graham Kerr for his hard work and expertise in making this event possible. The participants had a fantastic time, and we are eager to build on this success for next year's event. Stay tuned for more updates