­To ensure clarity, we would like to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the details forthcoming.

September 2023
Due to logistical considerations, there will be a permanent reversal of dates for our autumn/winter monthly meetings. Specifically, the East meetings, previously held at the Fountain, Ashurst, and the West meetings at the Amberley Museum, will now undergo a change.
For September 2023, the Amberley Museum meeting is scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of the month (13th September), and the Fountain meeting will occur on the fourth Wednesday (27th September).
To recap, the new dates are as follows:

September 13, 2023: Amberley Museum
September 27, 2023: The Fountain

2023-08-28 17:18:08 +0100
From October 2023-New Time and Location:
We have many discussions with a large number of members over the past few months to determine an alternative location for the autumn/winter months (October to March).
Consequently we have reached a decision.
The majority of members have expressed a preference for the Spur, Slindon due to its ample parking, welcoming ambiance, and excellent food and beverage options.
As a result we've had discussions with The Spur and are pleased to confirm they have kindly offered us a dedicated members' area for our meetings.
There is a change to the timings however with this now being at the weekend with daylight meetings.
This recognises the reluctance to venture out on cold and dark winter evenings and peoples other commitments during the week.
Consequently, the second Saturday of each month, starting from Saturday, 14th October.
We will convene at the Spur between 11:30 am and 2:00 pm.
The new schedule for October to March:

2nd Saturday of the month (lunchtime): The Spur
4th Wednesday of the month: The Fountain

Thank you for your continued involvement and support.